• 8 September 2014 - 11 September 2014

    Policy Program | Conference on “Rule of Law Enhancement in the Western Balkans: Identifying the Next Steps“

    From September 8-11, 2014, the Aspen Institute Germany with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office hosted a closed-door conference on “Rule of Law Enhancement in the Western Balkans: Identifying the Next Steps“ in Gut Klostermühle, Alt Madlitz. Over the course of three days, high-level decision-makers and experts from the Western Balkans, Germany, the U.S., and the EU convened to discuss the current rule of law situation in the region within the context of EU enlargement. Specifically the necessity of judicial and public administration reforms, improvement of the investment climate in the region, the fight against organized crime and corruption, and the protection of basic civil, political, social, and economic rights were high on the agenda. Furthermore participants met with Dr. Joachim Bertele, Head of Division 212 Bilateral Relations to the Countries of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia in the German Federal Chancellery, Dr. Jörg Bentmann, Head of Division G: General Questions; EU and International Affairs in the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, and Peter Eigen, Founder of Transparency International for expert discussions. A dinner with members of the German parliament provided further opportunity for an extensive exchange of thoughts on the issues discussed.

    Click here to download the agenda, list of participants and report.

    For further information as well as an overview over the results and policy recommendations, please see the final publication

    „EU Enlargement: Between Conditionality, Progress, And Enlargement Fatigue?“ (14 MB)