• 7 December 2015

    Public Program | Background Breakfast Briefing: “Israel – Germany – USA: 
Common Threats and Common Answers”

    The Aspen Institute Germany and the AJC Berlin Ramer Institute invited distinguished guests to a Breakfast Background Briefing with David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, under the heading „Israel – Germany – USA: Common Threats and Common Answers“, on the 7th of December 2015, in the Aspen Institute. Together with David Harris, Rüdiger Lentz, Director of the Aspen Institute Germany, debated current challenges in the context of international terrorism and the refugee crisis, current issues regarding the trilateral relationship between Germany, Israel and the United States as well as common values, in the first part of the background briefing. In the second part, guests had the opportunity to direct their questions and concerns at David Harris and debated the controversy surrounding a possible fight against terrorism and the approach towards Israel’s neighboring countries in the context of a value-based community with conceptual differences in opinion.