• 25 November 2013

    Policy Program | German-Israeli Strategic Dialog

    On November 25, 2013 the Aspen Institute convened experts of various German and Israeli institutions to a German-Israeli Strategic Dialog. One day after the completion of the “Joint Action Plan” concerning the Iranian nuclear program in Geneva, there could hardly have been a better moment to assess first hand information of Israeli officials concerned with Iran’s plans. It came as no surprise that Israeli participants considered Iran the winner of the deal. Other speakers pleaded to be careful not to loose the chance of agreement. Two further topics were just as contentious. First the situation in Egypt was evaluated skeptically. The Arab Spring had not set free proper democratic forces. Relating to the Syrian crisis, pessimism remained whether a political solution could be reached because radicalization and fractionation were prevalent as well as divergent interests of foreign actors. Finally, the roles of Germany and the EU regarding the “Greater Middle East” was discussed as well as the need to contribute to a “system opening transformation” of the region.