• 7 March 2016

    Public Program | Brown Bag Lunch: „A World out of Joint – Germany’s Changing Role in Today’s World“
    On March 7, 2016 The Aspen Institute Germany welcomed Fellows of the prestigious White House Fellows Program to a Brown Bag Lunch with Dr. Karsten Voigt, former Coordinator for the Transatlantic Cooperation, on the topic: “A World out of Joint – Germany’s Changing Role in Today’s World.”
    In the first part of this meeting, Dr. Anna Kuchenbecker, Deputy Director of The Aspen Institute Germany, and Dr. Karsten Voigt informed the distinguished group on Germany’s current role in the world and how it, under certain circumstances, has changed in recent years. Furthermore, they brought the changed perception of Germany’s role, as well as its limits in the world into question. In this context, Dr. Karsten Voigt pointed out the importance of international law and norms in German foreign policy and the necessity of intensive multilateral cooperation in Europe as well as globally.
    In the second part, the guests had the opportunity to pose questions and comments to Dr. Karsten Voigt. In the process, they controversially discussed the challenges and chances of an intensified integration within the EU, and the challenges for Germany as well as the USA at interacting with Russia. Moreover, the guests disputed chances and challenges in regards to the refugee crisis and the possible consequences for Germany and the EU in a long term.
    At the end, the participants emphasized the importance of sustaining the German-American relations and commended the Aspen Institute Germany for its transatlantic commitment.