• 22 March 2016

    Aspen Leadership Program | First Leadership Alumni Roundtable
    The Aspen Institute Germany hosted its first Aspen Leadership Alumni roundtable on March 22, 2016 together with Andreas Krebs, Leadership-Alumnus (Nov. 2013) and Vice-Chair of the Aspen Board of Trustees. The session was dedicated to the topic „Challenge, Charisma, Championship! Between Hegel, Kant, Marx and Machiavelli: What makes leadership so fascinating and how do we define success?“
    Andreas challenged the audience by asking how one can ignite an employee’s motivation and enthusiasm for which recognition and appreciation are key elements. In a Kantian sense, there is a difference between “carrying responsibility and having responsibility.” Involving the individual worker in the company is central for creating a sense of community and establishing a connection between individual and company. Using the metaphor of an orchestra, anecdotes from his everyday life as a global CEO, and classical exercises on trust building, Andreas outlined the base for a successful relationship between employees, leaders, and the company: trust.