• 16 March 2017

    Leadership Program | Fourth Leadership Alumni Roundtable: “The Conductor's Perspective: What Business can learn from Orchestras!“
    The Aspen Institute in cooperation with Dr. Friedrich Kuhn of EgonZehnder International hosted its fourth Aspen Leadership Alumni roundtable featuring Dr. Raphael von Hoensbroech, Managing Director at Konzerthaus Berlin on the topic “The Conductor's Perspective: What Business can learn from Orchestras!“ on March 16, 2017. The conductor is responsible for the performance of his team without actually contributing operatively to the outcome. He is the only musician who does not play a single note. At the same time he is leading highly talented experts with skills he himself does not possess. What is his role in this constellation? How does he add value? Dr. von Hoensbroech discussed these and other questions with an engaged audience. The ability to provide creative space as well as a strong vision are major requirements for a good conductor. To provide a long-lasting productive working environment a conductor should also show his appreciation for every single musician and be able to transfer responsibility the orchestra to foster mutual trust. For several years, Dr. von Hoensbroech was active as a conductor and since his early childhood has been playing the violin. Versed in leadership from both the artistic and the management perspective, he has been bringing together the two worlds into his leadership programs over the past seven years.