• 13 January 2014

    Public Program | The Patient Becomes President: New German Government, New Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU - Is Europe Gaining Momentum?"

    Dimitrios Droutsas, Member of the European Parliament and former Greek Foreign Minister, joined Deutschlandradio Kultur’s Peter Lange for a discussion on January 13. According to him, Greece’s outdated political system with its clientelism was the key obstacle inhibiting urgently needed reforms. He considered referenda a viable option to overcome the partially nepotistic political structures in his country. Furthermore, another debt cut would be indispensable. Regarding the upcoming European parliamentary elections, Droutsas stressed the Greek people’s commitment to the membership in the European Union and to democratic values. Unfortunately though, the frustrating economic situation was favorable for radical parties. A podcast and the whole interview (in German) can be found online at → www.deutschlandradio.de

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