• 13 July 2016

    Leadership Program | Aspen Leadership Alumni Roundtable: “Decision making processes in Politics and Business: What Role do Personal Devaluations Play?”
    On July 13, 2016, the Aspen Institute hosted its second Aspen Leadership Alumni roundtable featuring Dr. Barbara Strohschein, philosopher, author, coach and founder of the Philosophical Practice of Values, and Dr. Johannes Bohnen, Aspen Leadership-Alumnus (June 2015), managing partner, BOHNEN Public Affairs and co-founder of the Atlantic Initiative. At a first glance it may sound like a paradox, but our values can trigger devaluation. Differences in what we value don’t end with the individual sphere. The participants of the roundtable discussed how politics are influenced by personal devaluations, what impact personal devaluations have on societies and if personal appreciation can serve as the foundation condition for long-lasting peace.