• 1 December 2016

    Policy Program | Aspen Working Group South East Europe
    The Aspen Working Group Southeast Europe took place on December 1, 2016 in Berlin. High-ranking decision-makers from all six countries in the Western Balkans, representatives of the German government, and three representatives of civil society from the region were in attendance. In a small and confidential setting, the discussion centered on the repercussions of the Brexit vote, of Donald Trump’s election, and of the upcoming elections in three EU countries for the Western Balkan. The questions of how the Region should react to these developments and how regional cooperation can be strengthened stood in the foreground of the discussion. Specifically, participants discussed how reform processes and regional cooperation could better benefit the population, in which ways the EU can become involved to strengthen its role in the region, and how the Berlin process can be refined to include additional aspects and to ensure continued success.