• 19 September 2017

    Leadership Program | Fifth Leadership Alumni Roundtable: “Life at the extreme – testing one’s limits - Leadership from the perspective of an extreme mountain climber”
    Within the framework of the Leadership Alumni-Program the Aspen Institute Germany takes the participants on a journey to pristine alpine landscapes in unpredictable climates. Florian Hill, extreme mountain climber and Leadership Alumni (June 2017), will guide us through a breathtaking multimedia picture show of his expeditions and tell us what life at the extreme can teach you about self-reflection and value-based leadership in the corporate world. Visionary thinking, excellent performance, trust and courage, to cross borders – managers and mountain climbers share more qualities than one would initially think. Florian Hill will offer insight into the fascinating world of extreme mountain climbers and lead a discussion on the connecting elements of extreme sports and value-based leadership.