• 17 June 2018

    Leadership Program | Leadership class of February 2018 follow-up Meet & Greet at the Pan Am Lounge
    The Aspen Leadership class of February 2018 met at The Pan Am Lounge on June 17, 2018 on the occasion of a follow-up Meet & Greet event. A particular thanks to owner Natascha Bonnermann, who hosted the get-together in an entirely unique, exclusive event venue at the heart of West Berlin. Once a place of leisure for pilots and stewardesses in the employment of the legendary Pan American World Airways as well as a rendezvous for a whole host of international jet-set guests from the worlds of entertainment and politics, the Pan Am Lounge embodies the spirit of optimism integral to the West during the 1960s and throughout the Cold War era. Pristinely restored down to the smallest detail of its furnishings and interiors, the tenth-floor penthouse Lounge with panorama terraces overlooking the capital city conserves and champions the valuable memory of this important era. This unique atmosphere made the reunion for our Alumni an unforgettable evening.