• 3 September 2018

    Policy Program | Public Event on „A Euro-Atlantic Future for Macedonia“
    In cooperation with the Macedonian Think Tanks “Center for Economic Analyses”, “European Policy Institute (EPI)” and “Institute for Democracy ‘Societas Civilis’”, the Aspen Institute Germany organized a panel discussion on “A Euro-Atlantic Future for Macedonia?“ in Skopje. The June 2018 signing of the agreement for the resolution of the name dispute between Skopje and Athens has created an opening for Macedonia’s EU and NATO accession prospects. Yet, the process ahead of formalizing the agreement in both countries is crucial for its long term success. In the run-up to the referendum on the name agreement on September 30, 2018, the Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, the Federal Foreign Office’s Special Envoy for Southeast Europe, Turkey, and the EFTA States, Ambassador Dr. Christian Hellbach, Nikola Poposki, President of the National Council for European Integration and former Macedonian Foreign Minister, and Ruslan Stefanov, Director of the Economic Program at the “Center for the Study of Democracy” in Bulgaria, engaged in a lively debate. The discussion focussed on Macedonia’s EU and NATO integration and the importance of the referendum’s outcome for the future of the country.