• 21 May 2015

    Aspen Institute Germany | Board Luncheon with Martin Klingst, senior political correspondent of "DIE ZEIT“

    On the occasion of the biannual meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Aspen Institute Germany on May 21, 2015, the members of the board, the managing board members, and selected guests convened for a lunch discussion. Keynote speaker was Martin Klingst, who has many years of experience as the Washington correspondent for the German weekly ”DIE ZEIT“. He gave a speech about the incipient presidential campaigns in the United States. He made particular remarks on three of the sixteen Republican candidates – Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker. Klingst said that Hillary Clinton was not facing any serious competition on the Democratic side. However, as she had already been in politics for so long and her candidacy had been announced so early, opponents could and would easily exploit her past during their campaigns.