• 27 September 2018 - 29 September 2018

    Policy Program I Fourth Aspen Transatlantic Workshop: “Present at the New Creation? Tech. Power. Democracy.”
    The Aspen Institute Germany hosted its fourth Aspen Transatlantic Workshop in Berlin from September 27-29, 2018 as part of the annual Berlin Transatlantic Forum. The workshop brought together experts and decision makers from Europe and the U.S. from politics, business, think tanks, and media. The post-World War II order is on shaky ground. The rise of technology as the driving political, ethical, economic, and security factor of our day has been particularly slow to work its way into our strategic discourse. If technological advancements like AI and cryptocurrencies, revisionist powers, and the rise of populism are rendering the old order unfit for purpose, are we present at the new creation? And if so, how can transatlantic partners guarantee that a new tech-driven order does not emerge out of a fit of absent-mindedness? The fourth Aspen Transatlantic Workshop 2018 grappled with these questions. Together, participants worked off the premise that there is a very narrow window of opportunity – 5 to 6 years – to get the ground rules right for a digital age.