• 10 October 2018

    Leadership Program | Leadership Lunch with the 7Mind founders: “Inner leadership through awareness in a digital world?”
    Leadership in the everyday has many faces. It includes not only goals, visions, and values, but also direct human contact and interaction. In order to demonstrate leading qualities, one must also learn not to neglect one’s own personal needs. Our daily routine usually leaves little room to reflect our needs and our inner leadership. How do we successfully include rest and awareness into our extremely full agendas?
    These and many other questions led Jonas Leve and Manuel Ronnefeldt to found 7Mind, a Berlin start-up which seeks to integrate awareness and peace into our (digital) lives via meditation. On October 10, 2018, they presented us with their findings and demonstrated practical exercises for every day in the Digital Hub Cologne. Together, we discussed and experienced first-hand how meditation and awareness regarding ourselves can be the cornerstone for better values-based leadership.