• 20 November 2018

    Policy Program | Digital Dish on “Europe’s Digital Single Market – Are We There Yet?“
    On November 20, Aspen Germany hosted its 5th digital dish examining the role of the European Union in bringing digital competitiveness to Germany. The wide-ranging conversation touched on the progress made in the Juncker Commission’s signature initiative – the Digital Single Market—as well as national and EU-wide discussions of a digital tax. Finally, speakers talked about the role that tech policy would play in the 2019 European Parliament elections. The dynamic talk was driven by three speakers: Dr. Matthias Bauer, Senior Economist at the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE); Luukas Ilves, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow at The Lisbon Council, Former Coordinator for Digital Strategy during the Estonian EU-Presidency in 2017; and Simon Vaut, Designated Candidate of the SPD Brandenburg for the European Parliamentary Elections 2019. Aspen’s Tyson Barker moderated the conversation.  The off-the-record lunch discussion was attended by over 30 senior guests and was hosted in partnership with Telefonica Germany.