• 14 November 2018

    Policy Program | Exklusive Dinner and Discussion with Alumni oft he Bundestag-Congress Staffers Exchange Program
    On November 14, 2018, the Aspen Institute Germany invited alumni of its Bundestag-Congress Staffers Exchange Program to an exclusive dinner and discussion on the topic of “Brexit and the future of the transatlantic relationship”. The evening’s speakers were Dr. Amanda Sloat (Senior Fellow; Brookings Institution), Tom Nuttall (Berlin Bureau Chief; The Economist) and Rainer Rudolph (Head of Division, European Policy Relations with EU Member States, EU Expansion, EU External Relations, European Council; Federal Chancellery). This off-the-record discussion with Staffers Program alumni touched on a variety of aspects of the Brexit negotiations and Britain’s process of leaving the European Union. The questions posed by participants spanned from what a possible compromise regarding the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland could look like, to British public opinion and the possibility of a second referendum, to the worries that other EU member states might follow in Britain’s footsteps. Finally, the speakers also talked about what these developments could mean not only for the UK and the EU, but also for the transatlantic relationship at large.