• 28 November 2018

    Public Program | Exclusive Breakfast Discussion with Ambassador Kurt Volker
    On November 28, 2018, the Aspen Institute Germany hosted an exclusive breakfast discussion with Ambassador Kurt Volker, Executive Director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership and former US Ambassador to NATO, on the topic “Partnership in Peril? Transatlantic Relations and Germany’s Role in a Shifting Global Order.” Triggered by a number of developments on both sides of the Atlantic, the participants discussed the centrality of the transatlantic partnership as well as the role of US leadership in a shifting global order. Germany’s future role in global politics in a post-Merkel era was further addressed. Ambassador Kurt Volker, a leading expert in US foreign and national security policy, assessed the current state of transatlantic relations and shed light on the challenges and opportunities arising out of these pressing issues. An outlook by each participant regarding the further development of transatlantic affairs concluded the discussion.