• 27 November 2018

    Policy Program | Staffers Program Alumni Dinner
    On November 27, the Aspen Institute Germany hosted a fellowship dinner with a bipartisan group of 20 American alumni of its Congress-Bundestag Staff Exchange Program at the Tabard Inn in Washington DC. The dinner brought past participants of the exchange program together to discuss the state of transatlantic relations with representatives from the German-Atlantic Society (Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft). Speakers at the off-the-record dinner were Lt. General Jürgen Bornemann, former Director General of NATO’s International Military Staff and Member of the DAG Board and Werner Sonne, longtime ARD correspondent, journalist, author and member of the DAG Board. The wide-ranging discussion touched on the INF Treaty, NATO, trade relations, energy security, climate change, Russia and the state of play in the new Congress. The dinner was a thank you to participants for their contributions over the 5-year history of the European Recovery Program-funded initiative.