• 14 March 2019

    Policy Program | Workshop: “AI and the Future of Work“
    On the morning of March 14, 2019, the Aspen Institute Germany in cooperation with Microsoft Germany, the Italian Embassy in Berlin, and the Aspen Initiative for Europe hosted an exclusive workshop on “AI and the Future of Work.“ In two rounds about 40 high-level guests along with representatives and experts from government, business, and international organizations were able to discuss the effects of digitalization on politics, the economy, and society as well as concrete implications on job markets. Speakers in the workshop included Julia Borggräfe (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), Jens Brandenburg (MP, FDP), Alexander Britz (Microsoft Germany), Stijn Broecke (OECD), and Mario Mariniello (European Political Strategy Centre, European Commission). In the first session the speakers dealt with the question who the winners and losers of the digital revolution will be and how governments, societies and businesses can turn the rapid transformations into profits. The second session dealt with the expected radical changes on job markets as well as the opportunities and challenges to guarantee dignity of work and a living wage in the AI age. Additionally, the speakers and participants discussed possible strategies and options to that end, like a universal basic income (UBI) or new forms of taxation. The off-the-record discussion was moderated by Tyson Barker (Program Director) and Olivia Knodt (Program Officer) from the Aspen Institute Germany.