• 23 October 2013 - 25 October 2013

    Policy Program | "Maritime Security and Europe“

    From October 23-25 the conference "Maritime Security and Europe" took place as part of the Aspen European Strategy Forum. More than 70 participants, among them renowned political scientists and historians, members of think tanks, NGOs and international organizations, active and retired naval officers, representatives from the industry as well as political experts from Europe, North America, and Asia discussed about the central issues of maritime security and defense in eight sessions. Points of focus were the security at sea, maritime chokepoints, and the maritime security in the Arctic and Indian Ocean. Subsequently, the future of the naval strategy and maritime conflict resolution as well as the necessity of a maritime strategy was discussed. The final discussion and countless conversations during the breaks made clear that political will, strategic vision, the cultivation of dialogue, the scientific examination of the topic as well as a common language and understanding regarding Maritime Security is more important than ever.