• 15 October 2013

    Policy Program | "Energy Security as a Security Challenge in Southeast Europe?"
    "Energy Security as a Security Challenge in Southeast Europe?" was the topic of the fifth Aspen Southeast Europe Policy Program conference within the two-year project on "A Future Security Architecture for Southeast Europe". From October 15-17, 2013, 35 selected politicians, diplomats, experts, academics, decision-makers, and business representatives from Germany, the Western Balkans, Turkey, Russia, the U.S., as well as from international organizations gathered in Hotel Gut Klostermühle, Alt-Madlitz. They discussed current issues of energy security for the Western Balkan countries as well as the importance of the geopolitical situation of the region for our security of supply and developed concrete policy recommendations. The focus of the conference was on questions of regional cooperation and integration of energy markets, reform processes in the Southeast European countries with regard to the standards of the Energy Community, the EU integration of these countries, as well as the impact of West and Central European efforts to secure their energy supply in the region.