• 17 March 2014

    Public Program | “The Global Power China – Between Communism and Capitalism”

    The Chinese journalist and author Shi Ming talked with Rüdiger Lentz about the values, myths, and hopes of the Chinese society. The government lost credibility because it could not provide plausible economic or environmental promises to its people anymore. Regarding foreign policy, China was trying a balancing act between an approximation towards Russia and the maintenance of stable relations with the West. Shi Ming emphasized that the American market was indispensable for the Chinese economy. According to Shi Ming, America was considered a role model and an enemy for China at the same time. This was only one symptom of the Chinese identity crisis he diagnosed. While the youth was diligent and modern, most of them lacked knowledge about the history and values of their country. The dogma of growth dominated most of the spheres in life, causing a cultural stagnation.