• 24 September 2014

    Public Program | Aspen Brown Bag Lunch: "Rebuilding What Trust? Can German-American Relations Still Be Saved?"

    On September 24, the Aspen Institute hosted the Aspen Brown Bag Lunch on “Rebuilding What Trust? Can German-American Relations Still Be Saved?” Keynote speakers were Thomas Miller from the U.S.-Embassy in Berlin and Malte Lehming, journalist and former U.S. correspondent. The discussion mainly focused on three issues: different perceptions (due to historical reasons), expectations, and interests of both states. The opinions differed on the question of whether Germany could be considered an equal partner to the United States. According to Mr. Lehming, Germany was considered to have a rather weak political position and therefore tried to compensate via excessive moralizing of certain aspects. Furthermore, he asserted that many Germans would long for bipolar stability and several attendees made the point that this aspect might influence the perception of current Russian activities. Germany would need to engage in a process of self-reflection in order to be able to operate as a self-assured partner. Besides, several attendees shared the observation that the debate would be primarily dominated by emotions. With the world facing a number of acute challenges and security threats, Mr. Miller underlined the importance of an intensive transatlantic cooperation and German-American partnership in particular.