• 20 January 2014

    Public Program | Re-Opening Aspen Institute Germany

    As many of you will remember, it was already in 2011 that the Aspen Institute Germany moved right into the center of Berlin, to Friedrichstraße. After some refurbishment measures and thanks to a new optional conference room we are now in the position to open the institute for events and meetings. We would like to thank the members of our Executive Boards Dr. Roland Hoffmann-Theinert, August von Joest, Ulrich Plett, and Rüdiger Lentz for their generous financial support of the modification of our premises. A f irst conference in our off ices took place in November with the German-Israeli Dialogue. The refurbishment was completed on January 20 when we invited friends of the institute to an open house event to get to know the institute’s premises and Aspen Germany’s whole team. Thanks to Britt Eckelmann’s generous support we will also be able to launch a new website within the next few weeks.