• 8 November 2016

    Policy Program | Third Berlin Transatlantic Forum: “The Liberal Order under Siege?”
    Where is the West heading in times of rising populism, re-nationalization, globalization-fatigue, and a growing divide between cosmopolitan elites and those left behind? On November 8, 2016, when the United States elected a new president, the Aspen Institute Germany hosted its annual Berlin Transatlantic Conference. The Conference brought together distinguished experts from Germany, Europe, and the United States, who discussed with an audience of more than 150 guests their analyses and possible solutions in regard to the big picture issues, of which Donald Trump’s presidency is just a symptom. His rise fits the wave of populists whose support has swelled in many Western democracies. On both sides of the Atlantic we are seeing mounting frustration with the lingering effects of the global financial crisis and the euro-crisis, terrorist attacks spreading fear, concerns surrounding record levels of migration, and growing doubt over political elites’ abilities to address these and other crises. These developments have a profound impact inside Western democracies, as Brexit has shown, but also on their foreign policy and with it on the EU, the Transatlantic alliance and their ability to uphold the liberal order.   Click here for the conference report.