• 24 June 2015

    Public Program | Exclusive Dinner with Madeleine K. Albright, former United States Secretary of State: “New Challenges for the Transatlantic Alliance: Why the West Must Work Together.”

    Aspen Germany, Aspen Spain, and the Spanish Embassy in Berlin jointly hosted a dinner discussion with Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State and member of the board of Aspen USA on the evening of June 24. Guests included ambassadors, members of parliament, Aspen board and corporate members, and representatives of think tanks and foundations, who engaged in a lively conversation about pressing issues ranging from Russia to TTIP, from Turkey and Islamist extremism to the relevance of Western values. Secretary Albright acknowledged that Europeans and Americans have to work out several disagreements, but especially stressed the importance and necessity of a close German-American cooperation and called on both countries to stand up for our values and the achievements of our open societies.