• 30 June 2015 - 1 July 2015

    Policy Program | Berlin Transatlantic Workshop: "Western Values and the Challenges of a Multipolar World"

    From June, 30 to July 1, 2015 the Berlin Transatlantic Workshop „Western Values and the Challenges of a Multipolar World“ brought together 30 decision-makers from professional backgrounds in government, business, international and civil society organization, academia and the foreign service from Germany, Europe and the U.S. Together they discussed the growing challenges Western principles are experiencing in today’s world.>br /> While Russia and China present themselves as a viable alternative to the Western model, Islamic extremists, especially ISIS, stun the world with their barbarism and ability to attract young followers in the West. Moreover, opposition is also coming from within Western societies. Rising insecurity and diminishing trust in political leadership and media create space for populist movements. On a national level, Western societies are struggling to balance liberty and security. In the foreign policy arena, they are grappling with the inherent tension between their aspirations and reality, with the universalism of human rights and realpolitik. Often, Europeans and Americans do not agree on how to respond to these challenges.
    The workshop discussed what values connect the Transatlantic and how to redefine the common denominator that once gave this transatlantic bond its strength. The working group part of the conference split the participants in three groups, in which they discussed the values from various perspectives.