• 6 April 2018

    Policy Program | Aspen Digital Dish with Dr. Natalia Jaekel and Christian Rickerts

    On April 6, the Aspen Institute Germany held its 3rd Digital Dish focusing on state and local digital strategies with Christian Rickerts, State Secretary at the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, and Dr. Natalia Jaekel, Digital Special Envoy for the Land of Baden-Württemberg.

    The event compared efforts to tackle digitalization in two of Germany’s top länder– the urban, funky, startup-driven city of Berlin and the innovative, manufacturing and healthcare-powerhouse, Baden-Württemberg. Together the discussants addressed the strategies and challenges of expanding digital infrastructure and fostering innovation ecosystems. Digital education was also a central point of the discussion. The off-the-record conversation was moderated by Tyson Barker, Program Director at the Aspen Institute Germany, and was hosted in cooperation with Telefónica Germany.

    Digital Dish is a regular series that brings one or two provocative thinkers together for an intimate, off-the-record lunch to discuss issues related to the most pressing tech policy debates. It features prominent speakers including policy-makers, elected officials, activists, innovators, thought-leaders, business representatives from both sides of the Atlantic and a mix of frontier thinkers on tech policy and specialists focusing on the U.S.-European relationship.