• 20 November 2018

    Leadership Program | Workshop: “Are we surrendering values-based leadership to digitalization?”
    On November 20, 2018, the Aspen Leadership Program is delighted to host a workshop on the topic: “Are we surrendering values-based leadership to digitalization?”, initiated by Dr. Kay P. Hradilak, Aspen Leadership Alumnus, Member of the Friends of the Aspen Institute and Business Chief Consultant for SAP Germany. Digitalization is the new epicenter of our workplace and society. Algorithmic assessments are constantly gaining importance in the recruitment, evaluation, and leading of personnel. Quantitative optimization and efficiency are a permanent priority. Are these slowly advancing to becoming an end in themselves? Should there be “lines in the sand” regarding digitalization? Is machinelike efficiency the goal of employee management? In short, what would we consider to be an ideal relationship between digitalization and values-based leadership? These and many other questions will be treated and discussed in an interactive format in the AppHaus Berlin.