• 8 May 2014

    Public Program | "The Last Days of Europe – How We Are Scuppering a Good Idea"

    The publicist Henryk M. Broder discussed the forthcoming European elections as well as undesirable developments and the future of the European Union with Rüdiger Lentz. Broder entertained his audience with little anecdotes and his views about the “Brussels bureaucracy”. He criticized that EU citizens had been given the impression that they would be electing the president of the European Commission directly, although the final decision remained with the heads of state and government. According to Broder, the European Union had been defunct right from the start, as its citizens consider it remote, inefficient, and transgressive.
    Regarding undesirable developments, Broder highlighted the "regulatory mania" of the European Union, whereby the EU is eager to create new regulations e.g. on energy saving lamps, but cannot achieve consensus on key issues such as foreign policy. He himself did not want to offer any solutions, he rather considered himself a criticaster.