• 3 December 2015

    Policy Program | Discussion “The Roles of the Western Balkans and Turkey in a Troubled Europe”
    On December 03, 2015 the Aspen Institute Germany organized an event at the China Club Berlin with the topic “The Roles of the Western Balkans and Turkey in a Troubled Europe“. As part of Aspen’s Southeast Europe Program 2015, it commenced with a presentation of the results of a preceding working group of Deputy Ministers from the Western Balkans. A discussion between Rüdiger Lentz and Dr. Ernst Reichel, Special Envoy for Southeastern Europe, Turkey and the EFTA States in the German Foreign Office, followed the Southeast European Deputy Ministers’ presentations. The discussion evolved around current developments in the Western Balkans, Turkey as a partner in the solution of the refugee crisis, as well as the situation inside this country. Afterwards, guests had the opportunity to direct their questions and concerns at the Southeast Europe expert. Finally, the guests, Dr. Reichel and the Ministers had the opportunity to exchange opinions at a reception in the library of the China Club.